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Domestic Exterior

exterior_main_picWith Winter now here and the cold weather well and truly upon us, now is not the time to be planning exterior painting. With the coldest months ahead of us we do not recommend painting exterior surfaces unless necessary. Modern exterior Acrylics should not be applied at Temperatures below 15degrees, cold weather will affect the coat compromising its integrity, reducing its dureability and longevity. We highly recommend (if possible) waiting for the warmer months before going back to your exterior projects.

As exterior painters at Carroll’s Painting Services, the same standard of quality products combined with good preparation leads to a perfect finish.

Exterior surfaces require special attention to preparation in order to last in our hot Australian sun and as Dulux Accredited Painters, you can guarantee we only use the highest quality products available.

We carry out most repairs prior to painting including replacement of weatherboards, window and door architraves, and replacement of broken roof tiles as often these causes leaks that damage both interior and exterior surfaces.

These, as well to repairs to all flashings are all part of our superior service. As it is no use painting the surface if the problem still lies underneath.

It is this attention to detail that guarantees a durable and lasting finish.

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We carry out most repairs ourselves saving you time and money by not having to get extra tradesmen...


We are able to take care of all your plaster repairs and restoration prior to painting


We can have you back in business, ready to cater to your customers needs....


We have the skills to ensure a perfect and lasting finish for your period restoration job...